What Business Headshots Mean to Toronto Real Estate Agents?

Real estate agent headshot

Realtor ads are everywhere in Toronto; on every street corner, bus bench, and garbage can, you will find the portrait of a Realtor or commonly as known Real Estate Agents. Real estate agents brand themselves unlike any other industry and have some of the fiercest competition. So what does this mean for your marketing, and what should you do to stand out?

Portraits, market updates, and social media are the bread and butter of an agent's marketing within the real estate industry. Contently being in a prospective client's mind, inbox and screen, it is essential always to have something new and exciting to catch their attention. Clients switch realtors quickly and often if they don't get the right impression quickly and effectively or if another realtor looks like they are more active with their marketing.

You will need to be on top of your marketing and how you present yourself. You are your brand, and your portrait reflects that. Choosing the type of business headshot you will need presents a challenge because not all portraits are created equal, and every kind of portrait lends itself to specific locations. Your professional headshot will need to reflect your goals in several key areas. A single portrait may not be enough, particularly in Toronto.

Adjusting your headshot for each location or market will maximize its positive effects on your brand and marketing.

Hard marketing materials – Traditional Corporate Headshots

Where is your portrait located: hard marketing materials such as signs, business cards, and physical ads.

For most hard marketing materials, you will need a timeless professional portrait. It costs a lot to reprint signs, and bulk business cards are more cost-effective than multiple smaller runs. Be mindful of classic styles and more formal presentations. We recommend a white backdrop setup for your portrait and your most formal attire; you want to present yourself as a clean-cut, honest realtor. Avoiding overly trendy patterns and colours will help you maintain the longevity of your signs and business cards.

Circulation marketing – On Trend, Seasonal and Eye Catching Portraits

Where is your portrait located: Flyers, open house ads, and seasonal market report letters.

Your circulation marketing lends itself to a more seasonal and trendy business portrait. With flyers for open houses and short-run ads, you will want to show yourself in your everyday working look. Therefore, your clothing should be closer to what you would wear to a showing or open house. It allows you to be easily identifiable and should convey your style. This will catch the eye of like-minded buyers who will appreciate the approachable nature of your marketing.

The ideal setup for your circulation marketing depends on your marketing materials, a bright pop of colour with an eye-catching background. We have over 100 colour options to choose from to get the right colour for your brokerage!

Digital marketing – Casual, Approachable and Professional Portraits

Where is your portrait located: Your website, LinkedIn profile, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

It would help if you aimed to keep your headshot casual, approachable, and on-trend for your digital marketing. Your digital marketing will likely be what your clients and prospective clients see the most. To give the impression that you are an active and conscientious realtor updating for every season is ideal. This shows you take pride in the interaction you have with clients. We suggest a portrait shot without a background, in seasonally appropriate clothing, either in front or inside a current listing, or a street-level view. Updating your portrait a minimum of twice per year, spring/summer and fall/winter.

Overall a diligent Realtor can effectively manage their portraits in the Toronto market. We can help you get your marketing materials working for you with our to your door service, even with the busiest of schedules.

Book your portrait today or call and speak to one of our Toronto headshot photographers to get help deciding what portrait will suit your needs.