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With we offer the ultimate experience when it comes to flexibility and location. We offer several options to suit your needs:

Backdrop Setup (white, colour, or colour gradient)

Backdrop set up white colour or colour gradient

We can bring our mobile studio set up to your office, home, your friends home, our studio, or any indoor space with a minimum of 1.5m by 2m in free space. We have yet to find a space we cannot work in. There is no quality difference in the photos and they all come out with the same high end luxury editorial quality. Our only limitation is we are not able to offer this service outdoors due to wind and weather concerns.

No Backdrop (in focus or blurred)

No backdrop in focus or blurred

We can shoot this anywhere! We take your surroundings and use them as your background. This can change the mood and feel to fit a vast number of marketing goals. Have a nice bright window in your home or office, a bustling city street, a beautiful city view, or a lush park? All make great locations.

You can take a look at examples in our portfolio to get a better feel of what you may like. Please keep in mind that we do not have or use fake backgrounds. Everything in our portfolio was shot on location.

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