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Last Wednesday, our Corporate Photographer headed to the Toronto office of Traynor Ridge Capital to photograph their managing director. They selected the blurred background outside their office against the brick for a great texture.

One of the most frequent things we hear when new clients call to book is that a friend or colleague referred them. Even though it’s a common occurrence, we couldn’t be happier each time. When we built our business several years ago, we did it because we saw the need for quality services tailored to small businesses, professionals, and the busy corporate world. We noticed that there was a complete lack of qualified photographers offering their services in a way that was appropriate for Toronto professionals. That is why we offer fast, easy-to-book and to your location services. We take the time needed to get amazing shots, but we don’t look to fill a time quota; we do it for the best final product. We offer smaller packages broken down, so you get exactly what you need at the best price possible, and if you need more, our package add-on’s ensure it’s exactly what you need. We are dedicated to quality, and we love that we are recognized as the best photographers in Toronto by our incredible clients through the immense number of repeat clients and referrals. To experience the difference for yourself, schedule your portrait session or call us for a quote.

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