Realtor Headshot and Marketing Photography in Vaughan

Realtor photography

On Monday, our professional portrait photographer met with a Realtor at our studio space in Vaughan. She selected the white backdrop setup.

The white backdrop setup is excellent for Realtors. We understand as a real estate agent, it can be challenging to select what image style you would like. The white backdrop is the most versatile and works well for print products like business cards and signs, and offers excellent value. To maximize your marketing materials, we suggest a combination package of both the white backdrop as well as the blurred or in-focus background. We recommend having your portrait taken with a for sale or sold sign at a listing for social media and newsletters. As we head into spring, you can make use of your clients' homes being prepared for the market and excellent gardening, Showing prospective clients you have the confidence to get their property sold at the best price.

Looking to book a package tailored to your work as a realtor? Give us a call, and we can help build the best package for you.

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