Corporate Headshots with a Toronto Office View

Toronto corporate headshot

This past Wednesday, our corporate photographer, headed to Toronto to photograph three consultants of Owens MacFadyen Group at their office. Their setup of choice was the in-focus background on location. Their office has a fantastic city view.

Toronto office view

A common misconception is that we use backdrops to create the blurred and in-focus images. These setup options use your surroundings, which gives each image a unique look and feel. Many offices and homes in the Toronto area have fantastic views which lend itself brilliantly to this style. If you are looking for the cityscape feel but don't have access to a location that provides that please let us know and we will do our best to locate somewhere for you, this is subject to an additional charge for space rentals and scouting. The effects you see in our photos are always real; we do as much as possible with our cameras to ensure that your images look amazing, not using fake scenery backdrops is part of it. Our technical approach and skill is the reason our images look like they have already been edited, coming straight out of the camera.

Office headshots

One thing we ask is that if you are photographing at your office in a space that is shared or separated by only glass windows/walls, please warn your co-workers as some may be sensitive to the flash during your portrait session. It is quite bright.

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