Legal Headshots for a Toronto Lawyer

Legal headshots toronto

On Tuesday, our legal headshot photographer headed to Toronto to photograph Scott, a Toronto Lawyer. His selected setup was the in-focus background. This is an excellent option for many legal professionals looking for a hero image for their website.

If you are a lawyer or paralegal who is looking to update the hero image on your website, it is essential to consider using a headshot rather than a generic stock image. Your image with a properly stylized setup can be an impactful way to convey a message of strength, approachability, and confidence.

An in-focus background image taken outside against a street, courthouse, within your office or in a library is a great option. While still showing traditional imaging, your presence allows your branding to be more coherent and shows your attention to detail.

A blurred background portrait is excellent for those who prefer to practice collaborative law and gives the feel of approachability and cooperation.

A colour backdrop portrait can be matched to your preferred colour and makes a bold and confident statement, and gives a strong message of strength and boldness.

Please use our booking page to schedule your portrait.

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