Toronto Employee Headshots & What are Business Portraits?

Employee headshots

On Tuesday, our business management headshot photographer headed back to Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto office to photograph their Asset Management Associates Athena and Zain. This is our fifth time back to their offices. Once again, they selected the white backdrop setup.

You may be wondering the difference between a business portrait and a regular portrait or even other types of photography? Much like other fields of photography such as architecture, family, fashion, product or wedding, business portraits or corporate portraits are their own genre. Business portraits are geared to the requirements of corporate life and promotion. Corporate photography is set out and different in a significant way because of the formality needed. This creates different lighting, setup, equipment, technique, and posing requirements. It also differs in the way we conduct our portrait sessions. Our photographers understand you are a professional and don’t expect you to do any cheesy, uncomfortable posing and techniques that a family or acting photographer will promote.

While most photography services cover a variety of genres of photography, we specialize only in those geared towards business and corporate. This allows us to provide exceptional quality at a competitive rate and service options that would not be feasible for a general photographer. In addition, our craft is honed to get you exactly what you want and need for your business and the service is provided in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

We have optimized our services from start to finish in a way that other studios cannot do. From the amount of time it takes us to get the shots you want and need to the amount of time it takes for us to set up our lighting. You will notice a significant difference in what we produce compared to other headshot photographers. This is because we simply are more versed in the industry standard, and it shows with the volume of business and companies that we work for; if you would like to take a quick look at some of the companies we have worked with, check out our about page.

If you are curious about what we can do differently than your current photographer or have any questions, please contact us for a telephone or email consultation.

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